Consulting for Spas

Consulting areas fall under Compliance & Risk Management, Organizational Structure & Team-Building, Branding & Marketing, and Service Delivery. 

Are you planning to open a spa? Do you already have a spa that needs help?

There are many types of spas!  Are you a DaySpa, a Destination Spa, a Wellness Spa, a MedSpa, or a Resort Spa?  

Do you have employees or independent contractors?
What licensing is needed for the services you wish to provide?
Do you need help with policies and procedures?
It is vital that you ask yourself these and many other questions!

Your vision guides your  spa, but often others do not see your spa in the same way as you do.  An objective view can help to refine that vision, or offer direction if you are ready for a makeover. 

Whether you are ready for start-up, a small touch-up or an entire makeover, it's wise to get outside advice and guidance.  
Prices vary according to the areas of concentration and  number of staff.

If your goal is to incorporate green business practices into your existing operating procedures, it can be easier than you might think!  It's easy being green these days, with many products to choose from and energy-saving measures whether you own or lease your facility. 
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